Jörg-Rüdiger Hill's Home Page

Welcome to Jörg-Rüdiger Hill's Home Page. I have collected some information about myself here people might find interesting. I am a chemist by training with more than a decade of experience in molecular modeling, contract research, and cheminformatics. I am co-founder and Director Research & Development of Scienomics, a company which produces software for molecular modeling (the Materials and Processes Simulations (MAPS) platform) and provides contract research services to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and materials industries.

Thesis, papers and other hopefully interesting staff

"About three fifth are nonsense and "mixed up" nonsense which I call "muddy science", one fifth does make sense, but is temporary information and hardly one fifth consists of serious thinking results. This existing mixture will still water down the Internet, will continue to mix important things with unimportant ones."

from "Informed to Death" - Stanislaw Lem about the Internet